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Smart CAN-to-Bluetooth gateway
The very compact OBDfox is equipped with one CAN interface according to ISO 11898-2. By means of an OBD con­nec­tion, the VCI can easily be connected to a vehicle and the data can be sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or mobile device (Android and IOs compatible). An optional 3D accelerometer enables notification in case of unauthorised use of the machine (anti-theft pro­tec­tion) or pro­vides useful information for repair and main­te­nance work, for example after very hard vehicle vibration.


Integrated MT-API interface
The integrated API allows a fast and easy realization of OEM applications. The OEM can thus implement his own CAN plug-and-play func­tio­nal­i­ties for his vehicle efficiently and quickly. With OBDfox it is possible to check the con­nec­tiv­ity on the CAN bus or to perform live mo­ni­toring of the machine data. In ad­di­tion, the device provides a simple over­view of relevant operating and service data and can execute simple diagnostic app­li­ca­tions.