Conti C.A.R.E.
Technology Research

Implementation Support, Prototyping, Ideation, Industrial Design, 3D-CAD, Design Engineering

»Conti C.A.R.E.« tires are equipped with sensors within the rim structure. This control system, called ContiSense, transmits information on tire condition to ContiConnect Live and enables efficient mobility management for fleet operators.

The approach of actively regulating tire pressure via centrifugal pumps integrated in the wheel is equally innovative. When the vehicle accelerates, the centrifugal force in the wheel acts on the pump and generates compressed air. »PressureProof«technology thus keeps tire pressure constantly in the optimum range and helps save CO2 in the long term. Surplus compressed air is collected in an integrated tank. »PressureBoost« technology utilizes it to adjust the inflation pressure to different driving situations at short-term notice.

Ausgezeichnet mit dem IF Design Award 2020